Third MCS

The full proceedings for the papers listed below is available here.

  1. R Hugh Morton - An analysis of world records for races run entirely in lanes
  2. Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis - A fair method for resetting the target in interrupted one-day cricket matches
  3. Kuldeep Kumar - Is cricket really by chance?
  4. J. E. Baker - Ground reaction forces and hub position in the golfswing
  5. R Hugh Morton - Mathematics of the human engine evaluation of power and endurance
  6. David H. Noble - Formation of netball teams for a series of trial matches
  7. Stephen R Clarke - Home advantage in balanced competitions English Soccer 1991 - 1996
  8. Pam Norton - The "leveller system" tennis tournament
  9. Steve Politi - and Ian T. Heazlewood Exercise physiological, biomechanical and kinathropometric predictors of bicycle motor cross in young adults: a preliminary study
  10. Ian Smith - The national statistical initiative
  11. Alex McNabb - Doing maths standing on your head
  12. Ian T. Heazlewood and Gavin Lackey - The use of mathematical models to predict elite athletic performance at the Olympic games
  13. William F. Benter, George J. Miel and P. Diane - Turnbough Modelling distance preference in thoroughbred racehorses
  14. Ravi Phatarfod - Betting strategies in horse races
  15. Kuldeep Kumar, S. Ganesalingam and Siva Ganesh - Statistical analysis of horse racing data
  16. David L. Dowe, Graham E. Farr, A. John Hurst and Kevin L. Lentin - Information-Theoretic Football Tipping

Updated: 02 May 2016