Fifth MCS

The full proceedings for the papers listed below is available here.

  1. Rod Cross (invited lecture) - Mathematics and physics in ball sports
  2. Mel C. Siff (invited lecture) - Biomechanics as an ergogenic aid in strength training
  3. Paul Allsopp, Stephen R. Clarke - Methods for quantifying performances in one-day cricket
  4. Michael Bailey - Identifying arbitrage opportunities in AFL betting markets through mathematical modelling
  5. Anthony B. Bedford, Stephen R. Clarke - A comparison of the ATP ratings with a smoothing method for match prediction
  6. Maurice N. Brearley, Neville J. de Mestre - Dynamics of the long jump
  7. K. J. Byun - Teaching statistics through sport
  8. George Christos - Variations in random pairing finals systems
  9. Stephen R. Clarke - Home advantage in the Olympic Games
  10. G. L. Cohen - An annotated bibliography of mathematical articles on sport amenable to elementary university mathematics teaching
  11. John S. Croucher - Player ratings in one-day cricket
  12. Neville de Mestre, Graeme Cohen - The flight of a cricket ball
  13. Basil M. de Silva, Greg R. Pond, Tim B. Swartz - Applications of the DuckworthLewis method
  14. Chris Harman - Curvature effects in running the 200 and 400 metre sprints
  15. M. Hubbard , S. A. Hummel - Simulation of frisbee flight
  16. Jonathan Lowe, Stephen, R. Clarke - An analysis of the AFL final eight system
  17. J. S. B. Mather - The use of computers to predict the performance of golf clubs
  18. R. Hugh Morton, Veronique Billat - Modelling endurance time at VO2max
  19. Pam Norton, Stephen R. Clarke - Home ground advantage in the Australian Netball League (Commonwealth Bank Trophy)
  20. Elliot Tonkes - Optimising downwind sailing
  21. J. P. Verma - A statistical approach for developing weighted norms based on difficulty ratings on selected fitness parameters for boys in the age group 13-16 years
  22. Julian Z. Wang, Peter Cooke - Extreme value models in sporting data analysis
  23. R. E. D. Ferdinands, K. A. Broughan, H. Round - Cricket bowling: a two-segment Lagrangian model (abstract only)
  24. L. H. Liyanage, S. Terry and N. Hopkins - A greyhound racing betting strategy (abstract only)
  25. Iain Skinner - Seasonal variations and cricket's rule changes (abstract only)

Updated: 02 May 2016