The 14th Australasian Conference on Mathematics and Computers in Sport

(ANZIAM Mathsport 2018)

Call for Participation and Papers

(Organized by ANZIAM MathSport)

Your Conference Team

We have organized a team for the 14th meeting to be held at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Your organising team is

  • Anthony Bedford (University of the Sunshine Coast)
  • Ray Stefani (California State University, Long Beach)
  • Stephanie Kovalchik (Victoria University and Tennis Australia)

Dates and Location

Due to unforeseen issues, the meeting has been rescheduled to 25-28 July 2018 at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Plan to meet your friends, present your work and, as a bonus, escape the southern states' winter.

Venue and Nearby Sights

We will meet at a conference facility within the University of the Sunshine Coast Stadium, home to the Sunshine Coast Lightning. Attendees may want to visit the Australia Zoo (thanks to Steve Irwin’s work), picturesque Maleny and invitingly beautiful Noosa.

Keynote Speakers

The presentations will cover a wide span of Mathsport topics. Noeline Taurua, former New Zealand Silver Fern netball player and silver medalist at the Commonwealth Games in 1998, former Silver Fern coach and current Sunshine Coast Lightning netball coach will open our meeting. Some elite athletes will also talk about analytics in their very real world of sports.

Conference Activities

Attendees can experience the performance analysis of a live training session. On Saturday 28 July, the Sunshine Coast Lightning will play the Swifts. We plan to broadcast the performance analysis process LIVE, including the half-time analysis and post-match analysis, whereby everyone can contribute and gain an insight into the practical aspects of match-day analysis.

Other activities will include a Friday dinner cruise, and social activities.

Conference Fees

You may register here. Fees are $325 for students, $375 for ANZIAM members, and $425 for non-members.

Topics for the Conference

The conference will cover, but is not limited to, the following topics of interest to sports scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, coaches and athletes. The term “sport” is interpreted liberally here and includes games and pastimes, gambling,

general fitness and health-related activities.

  • Analysis of rules, adjudication, and referee decision-making
  • Application of gambling methodology
  • Competitive strategy and methods for in-game strategy
  • Computational analysis in sport
  • Econometrics in sport
  • Identification, analysis and mitigation of sports injuries
  • Mathematical modeling in sport
  • Optimal tournament design and scheduling
  • Quantitative approaches to improve coaching and optimize individual performance
  • Statistical and machine learning methods applied to motion capture and wearable technologies
  • Statistics and statistical modeling in sport
  • Teaching of mathematics and computers in sport
  • The statistics of performance measurement


The abstract deadline of 25 May has passed. For future reference, the template is available here. The Abstracts Book can be downloaded here.

Proceedings and Conference Schedule

For future reference, the Proceedings template using one column for a (maximum) six-page paper is available here. The deadline of 15 June has passed. All papers were reviewed. The Proceedings booklet is available here.

The Conference Schedule is available here. A website with much additional information, photos and a video of the Sunshine Coast is available here.

Comments and Suggestions

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact Anthony Bedford at


There are a number of hotels in nearby Mooloolaba.A bus is provided as per the Conference Schedule (available above) to take delegates to the venue at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Business Meeting

  1. As per protocol, a Business Meeting was called to order during the conference. Mathsport Executive Committee Chair Antony Bedford asked Mathsport Executive Committee Secretary Ray Stefani to conduct the meeting. The minutes are hereby shown.
  2. The attendees thanked Anthony Bedford for his efforts as conference organizer. They expressed appreciation for the ambiance of meeting in the skybox of the University of the Sunshine Coast Stadium. They thanked the entire organizing committee for putting on a successful conference. They thanked Noeline Taurua, coach of the Sunshine Coast Lightning, for her charismatic and insightful talk on her coaching philosophies. The organizing committee was
    • Anthony Bedford (Victoria University and Sunshine Coast Lightning)
    • Ray Stefani (California State University, Long Beach, USA)
    • Stephanie Kovalchik (Tennis Australia and Victoria University)
  3. Final updates were requested for the Proceedings papers so a final document could be provided to the attendees and also placed on the ANZIAM Mathsport website.
  4. It was mentioned that a number of attendees have suggested improving the ANZIAM Mathsport website and also using social media to better provide conference information and to better present information about ANZIAM Mathsport in general.
  5. Since Paul Bracewell had to leave the day before, Stefani presented Bracewell’s proposal to host the ANZIAM Mathsport 2020 meeting in Wellington with joint sponsorship from Bracewell’s company Dot Love Data and Victoria University in Wellington. Ankit Patel and others spoke of the number of active Mathsport people in Wellington. Stefani mentioned the large number of authors of Proceedings papers from the Bracewell group. Stefani asked for others plans. Stephanie Kovalchik said that there was a firm commitment from Tennis Australia to host in Perth in 2020. No other plans were forwarded.
  6. As per protocol, the Executive Committee of ANZIAM Mathsport was dissolved and a new Executive Committee was elected. A Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer were elected as required. As per protocol, up two four additional members may be elected. In fact, four additional members were elected as well as one ex-officio (non-voting) member. The ANZIAM Mathsport Executive Committee that will serve through the 2020 meeting includes the following:
    • Anthony Bedford (Chair, U of the Sunshine Coast and Sunshine Coast Lightning)
    • Ray Stefani (Secretary, California State University, Long Beach, USA)
    • Darren O’ Shaughnessy (Treasurer, Ranking Software and Hawthorn Football Club)
    • Paul Bracewell (DOT Loves Data and Victoria University-Wellington)
    • Ian Grundy (RMIT)
    • Stephanie Kovalchik (Victoria University-Melbourne and Tennis Australia)
    • Robert Nguyen (University of New South Wales)
    • Ex-officio member- Ian (Tim) Heazlewood (Charles Darwin University-Darwin)
  7. At this point, normal protocol is that the next meeting site is selected by the new Executive Committee. As only four Executive Committee members were present, Chair Anthony Bedford suggested postponing the vote to allow the full Executive Committee to discuss the proposed offers and to vote on their choice. That was agreed to
  8. Stefani congratulated attendees for such exemplary and far ranging papers and engaging presentations. He led applause of congratulations to all present. He stated that ANZIAM Mathsport founder Neville DeMestre would have been proud to see such brilliance. Neville continues as a champion surfer in age-group competition.
  9. The meeting was adjourned.

ANZIAM Mathsport Executive Secretary’s Update

After the conference, acting via email, the Executive Committee asked Paul Bracewell and Stephanie Kovalchik to present their plans for the 2020 meeting. Their quite thorough plans were forwarded and a number of emails were exchanged. Chair Bedford established a website by which a confidential vote could be taken, with Bracewell and Kovalchik abstaining. The other five voting members chose Wellington as the site for ANZIAM Mathsport 2020.

Updated: 17 Sep 2018