First MCS

The full proceedings for the papers listed below is available here.

  1. John S. Croucher - Winning with science
  2. David Hoffman - A team rating system
  3. M Hayes and J M Norman - Strategy in fell running: an analysis of the Bob
  4. Graham round
  5. Raymond Stefani - Applying least squares to team sports and Olympic winning performances
  6. Jon Patrick - The marriage of mathematics and computer technologies for sport improvement
  7. Mark Johnston - An analysis of scoring policies in one day cricket
  8. Stephen Clarke - Computer and human tipping of AFL football - a comparison of 1991 results
  9. Robert Neal - A mathematical model of giant swings on the horizontal bar
  10. David Hoffman - A taxonomy of sporting events applying operations research methodology
  11. Maurice N. Brearley - Hang Gliders, wobbles and myths
  12. Geoff Aldis, Glenn Fulford, Rodney Weber and Neville de Mestre - Flight of a football
  13. Neville de Mestre - Mathematics applied to sport

Updated: 22 May 2016