The TM Cherry Prize

A student prize was introduced in 1969 at Victor Harbor, and is awarded annually to the best student paper presented at the Conference. In May, 1976, ANZIAM (then the Division of Applied Mathematics) adopted the title "T.M. Cherry Student Prize" in honour of one of Australia's leading scientists, Professor Sir Thomas MacFarland Cherry, Kt., Sc.D., F.A.A., F.R.S.

For an extensive history on Professor Cherry we recommend the article published in the records of the Australian Academy of Science Vol.1 (1966–9). The following is a brief summary of the career of this renowned scientist.

1st Class Honours, University of Melbourne 1918
Graduated B.A. (Cambridge) 1922
Ph.D. (Cambridge) 1924
Fellow Trinity College 1924–8
Chair of Mathematics – University of Melbourne 1929–63
Pollock Memorial Lecturer – Sydney University 1948
Sc.D. (Cambridge) 1950
Lyle Medallist, Australian National Research Council 1951
F.R.S. 1954
Foundation Fellow of Australian Academy of Science  
1st President of AustMS 1956
President of A.A.S. 1961–65
Honorary D.Sc. A.N.U. & University of W.A. 1963
Knight Bachelor 1965

Winners of the T.M. Cherry Prize

1969 Mr R. Jones (Adel)
1970 Mr J.A. Rickard (Lond)
1971 Ms J. Jones (Mt Stromlo?)
1972 Not offered
1973 Not offered
1974 Mr R.P. Oertel (Adel)
1975 Mr E. Robinson (Syd)
1976 Mr J.P. Abbott (ANU)
1977 Mr J. Finnigan (CSIRO) and Ms S. Bhaskaran (Adel)
1978 Mr B.D. Hughes (ANU) and Mr P. Robinson (Qld)
1979 Mr J.R. Coleby (Adel) and Mr B.D. Hughes (ANU)
1980 Mr M. Lukas (ANU)
1981 Mr A.W. Plank (UNSW)
1982 Mr G. Fulford (Woll) and Mr J. Gear (Melb)
1983 Mr P. Korvesi (UWA)
1984 Mr A. Kucera (Woll) and Mr S. Wright (Qld)
1985 Mr G. Fulford (Woll) and Mr F. Murrell (Melb)
1986 Ms A. Becker (Mon) and Mr K. Thalassoudis (Adel)
1987 Mr M. Rumsewicz (Adel)
1988 Ms W.M. Henry (ANU)
1989 Ms M.R. Myerscough (Oxf) and Mr J.A.G. Roberts (Melb)
1990 Mr J.P. Best (Woll)
1991 Mr S.K. Lucas (Syd) and Ms A. Tordesillas (Woll)
1992 Mr S. F. Brown (Syd)
1993 Mr D. Standingford (Adel)
1994 Ms B. Barnes (Mon)
1995 Mr A.V. Buryak (ANU)
1996 Mr A. Gore (Newc) and Mr D.C. Scullen (Adel)
1997 Ms S. Cummins (Mon)
1998 Mr J. Clark (Syd) and Mr T.P. Gourlay (Adel)
1999 Ms E. Ostrovskaya (ANU)
2000 Mr C. Reid (Massey)
2001 Mr M. Haese (Adel)
2002 Mr V. Gubernov (ADFA) and Mr W.M. Megill (UBC/Woll)
2003 No competition held as ANZIAM2003 subsumed into ICIAM 2003
2004 Mr K. Mustapha (UNSW)
2005 Mr J. Looker (Melb)
2006 Mr C. F. Fricke (Melb)
2007 Ms S. A. Harper (Massey)
2008 Ms E. Button (Melb) and Mr M. Haythorpe (UniSA)
2009 Mr S. Cohen (Adel)
2010 Mr L. Mitchell (Syd)
2011 Mr S Butler (Syd) and Mr J Caffrey (Melb)
2012 Mr J Nassios (Melb)
2013 Mr D Khoury (UNSW) and Mr T Vo (Syd)
2014 Mr M Chan (Syd) and Mr D Khoury (UNSW)
2015 Hayden Tronnolone (Adel)
2016 David Arnold (Adel) and Adrianne Jenner (Syd)
2017 Claire Miller (Melb) and Eric Hester (Syd)
2018 Nabil Fadai (Oxford) and Eloise Tredenick (QUT)
2019 Conway Li (UWA) and Elle Musoke (Auck)
2020 Rose Crocker (Adel)
2021 Alex Browning (QUT) and Rahil Valani (Monash)
2022 Adriana Zanca (The University of Melbourne) and Michael Denes (UNSW)
2023 Sarah Vollert (QUT) and Kyria Wawryk (Monash)

Updated: 30 Jan 2024