Seventh MCS

The full proceedings for the papers listed below is available here.

  1. Keith Davids and Chris Button — Variability and constraints in dynamical movement systems
  2. Mike Hughes — Notational analysis: A mathematical perspective
  3. Michael Bailey and Stephen Clarke — Deriving a profit from Australian Rules football: a statistical approach
  4. Tristan Barnett, Alan Brown and Stephen Clarke — Optimal use of tennis resources
  5. Anthony Bedford — Predicting women's World Cup handball match outcomes using optimised ratings models
  6. Anthony Bedford and Cliff Da Costa — A ratings based analysis of Oceania's road to the World Cup
  7. Paul Bracewell — Extraction, interpretation and utilisation of meaningful information about individual rugby performance using data mining
  8. Michael Cameron — Using performance or results to measure the quality of sports competitors
  9. John Cogill — The mathematics of bicycling part 3: the somersault
  10. Graeme Cohen — A new statistic in cricket: the slog factor
  11. John Croucher — A mathematical view of sports betting
  12. Neville de Mestre — Bouncing a water polo ball
  13. Don Forbes and Stephen Clarke — A seven-state markov process for modelling Australian Rules football
  14. Richard Green — Augmented reality user interfaces for biomechanical data overlays
  15. Manohita Gurram and Sundaram Narayanan — Comparison of the methods to reset targets for interrupted one-day cricket matches
  16. John Hammond — Using performance analysis technology to evaluate the instructional process in sport
  17. Chris Harman and Neville de Mestre — The mechanics and perceptions of judging an outfield catch
  18. Ray Hoare — An investigation of rugby test results
  19. Tony Lewis — Steps towards fairer one-day cricketing measures of performance
  20. Hugh Morton — On optimal race pace
  21. Paul Newton and Graham Pollard — Service neutral scoring strategies in tennis
  22. John Norman and Stephen Clarke — Dynamic programming in cricket: batting on a sticky wicket
  23. Pam Norton — Is there a difference in the predictability of men's and women's basketball matches
  24. Matthew Ovens — If it rains, do you still have a sporting chance?
  25. Graham Pollard — Can a tennis player increase the probability of winning a point when it is more important
  26. Graham Pollard and Ken Noble — Some attractive properties of the 16-point tiebreak game in tennis
  27. Graham Pollard and Ken Noble — benefits of a new game scoring system in tennis: the 50–40 game
  28. Graham Pollard and Ken Noble — The effect of having correlated point outcomes in tennis
  29. George Serrallach and Andy Martin — The fallacy of the use of pure statistics in sport
  30. Stefan Yelas and Stephen Clarke — Forecasting the 2003 Rugby World Cup

Updated: 23 May 2016