Fourth MCS

The full proceedings for the papers listed below is available here.

  1. John S. Croucher - Using Computers and Scientific Method to Determine Optimal Strategies in Tennis
  2. Ian L. Collings and Neville J. De Mestre - A refined aerodynamic model for low trajectory flight
  3. Maurice N. Brearley and Neville J. De Mestre - The effect of oar flexing on rowing performance
  4. Iain Skinner - A geometrical argument defining an order relation for all-round performances in cricket
  5. Ian Heazlewood and Gavin Lackey - Mathematical models that predict performance decline in elite veteran athletes 30-90 years in the sprint, distance and jump events
  6. Ian Heazlewood and Gavin Lackey - The use of mathematical models to predict elite swimming performance
  7. George A. Christos - The AFL finals: It's more than a game
  8. Nikoleta Tomecko and Jerzy A. Filar - Player assignments in Australian rules football
  9. George A. Christos - It's just not cricket
  10. Derek R. Bingham, Basil M. De Silva and Tim B. Swartz - Issues in cricket and golf
  11. Jim Cross - Scheduling
  12. Tony Lewis and Frank Duckworth - Developments in the Duckworth Lewis (D/L) method of target resetting in one day cricket matches
  13. Stephen R. Clarke - How Fair is the AFL Draw?
  14. J.P. Verma and Kuldeep Kumar - Sport and physical fitness: an application of factor analysis for developing a test battery
  15. Chris Harman - "Who's on first!" "What?" "What's on second!" and how 'what' got there on an optimal baserunning path
  16. Graeme L. Cohen - The subject: Mathematics in Sport
  17. Andrew Patterson and Stephen R. Clarke - An analysis of team statistics in Australian Rules Football
  18. W.H. Cogill - The mathematics of bicycling part II
  19. Neville J. De Mestre, Mont Hubbard and John Scott - Optimizing the Shot Put

Updated: 02 May 2016