ANZIAM Annual Conference 2021 (Virtual)

Our virtual conference strategy

Virtual conferences face a number of challenges. Greatest amongst these are accommodating and engaging registrants from a range of time zones and providing conditions conducive to networking and sharing your research. We take these challenge very seriously and have implemented various changes to improve on the average virtual conference experience.

  • The ANZIAM conference will take place over an extra day than normal and be spread out over a longer day. This is to ensure that the density of content does not overwhelm you as you sit at your computer all day and also try to juggle your lives at home (since you will not be at a dedicated exotic location).
  • As ANZIAM is an Australia and New Zealand community, the formal live conference presentations are programmed between 9.30am and 8pm AEDT. The venue is available 24 hours and before and after the formal proceedings we will run watch parties of talks from the other end of the day so that you may watch talks that would otherwise be at inconvenient times.
  • Your talks will be scheduled with your home time zone considered. We strongly recommend if you are from fringe time zones (especially international speakers) that you prepare a pre-recorded version of your talk. This is so that we can schedule your talk at an appropriate time and then show your pre-recorded version at watch parties at the other end of the day. Information on how to provide pre-recorded talks will be provided.
  • Plenaries will be scheduled at a time appropriate for Australia and New Zealand but at a reasonable time for the speaker. We will encourage all plenary speakers to pre-record so that everyone can enjoy them.
  • We strongly encourage all speakers to provide a graphical abstract, in the form of a poster or just a graphical advertisement for your talk. The graphical abstracts will be automatically displayed before and after you will present to give a chance for registrants to preview before the talk but also to stimulate discussion between talks in the foyer. If you do not provide a graphical abstract, a plain default one will be uploaded based on your normal abstract to help registrants preview the next session of talks.

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Updated: 13 Nov 2020