ANZIAM Annual Conference 2021 (Virtual)

Post-medal ceremony social event

The presentation of medals is one of the most important traditions of the ANZIAM annual meetings. Under normal circumstances, we have this celebration over a formal dinner and have plenty of laughs and bond together as a community. Since this year we will be holding a virtual conference, it is important that we have a special, enjoyable evening planned to live up to the ANZIAM tradition.

We will be holding a 'Big remote EXPO' night of casual games hosted by Bananalife, a Brisbane-based company specialising in teambuilding and entertaining events.

The medal ceremony:

The medal ceremony will take place late afternoon AEDT on Thursday 4th February within our Gather virtual conference centre. Everyone registered for ANZIAM2021 is welcome and encouraged to attend this event.

We encourage you to bring a drink with you to the medal ceremony and raise it with us in celebration of the achievements of members of our community.

After the formal proceedings, there will be time to mingle and chat. This is a good time to congratulate medal winners and catch up with that one person you have been meaning to talk with all week. Shortly thereafter the social event will begin for those that have registered.

The social:

The post-medal ceremony social event will cost each registrant $15.

You will be given a url and here you will have the chance to mingle in any way you see fit in a specially designed platform for moving in and out of conversations. You will be linked to a team and one of many hosted game rooms where you will play laid back casual games and have a good laugh. If you don't wish to play, you can just sit back and watch or just chat with people.

The hosts have expertise in engaging people and driving the night forward. Furthermore, the activities are constantly moving and highly inclusive to keep you engaged and having a good time for the entire time.

Since we need to book the hosts for each of the game sessions, we will need to know numbers in advance and so registration for this event is due 15th January 2021.

What you will need if you sign up for the social event (mostly that which is required for the conference venue itself):

  • Headphones and microphone (absolutely necessary)
  • A computer (not a phone or tablet) with a webcam
  • A place to enjoy yourself where you can make noise
  • A good internet connection (necessary for the whole conference)
  • Chrome or Firefox browser
  • Turn off any VPNs
  • Bring drinks and snacks or anything else that will enhance your experience

Any further questions can be directed to Mark Flegg.

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Updated: 20 Nov 2020