The ANZIAM Student Support Scheme

for Attendance at the ANZIAM and Special Interest Group Conferences

1 Introduction

The ANZIAM Student Support Scheme is designed to provide funding to support conference travel and registration for students studying at universities in Australia and New Zealand, who wish to attend the ANZIAM conference or those of the special interest groups. These are, specifically, the Maths in Industry Study Group (MISG) including the MISG Graduate Workshop, the CTAC conference of the Computational Mathematics Group, the EMACS conference of the Engineering Mathematics Group and the MathSport conference of the Mathematics and Computers in Sport Group. The scheme was historically funded by annual sponsorship from CSIRO (2008-2017).

The objectives of the ANZIAM Student Support Scheme are:


  • To help students attend conferences relevant to their interests
  • To emphasise the importance of students giving presentations about their work
  • To provide a first step educating students in ways of obtaining funding to help their research efforts.



In order to be eligible for funding, students will be required to present a talk at the conference, or in the case of MISG be an active participant in one of the Industry Projects. It is expected that students will have discussed their plans with their supervisors, and supervisor endorsement of applications is required. Please note only one event will be covered per student per year.

If students are not already members of ANZIAM, they must join at the time of making their application. The committee may wish to give preference to students who are already members of ANZIAM themselves and whose supervisors are members of ANZIAM, who will be attending the same conference.

2 Background

ANZIAM believes that all research students in applied mathematics should be encouraged to attend conferences and present their results on a regular basis. The benefits to both the students and the applied mathematics community in general that derive from students having the opportunity to receive feedback on their work and to network with both senior colleagues and other students are invaluable.

The ANZIAM Student Support Scheme has been designed to help students attend conferences and also to give them a relatively painless initial experience in making applications for funding.

The ANZIAM Student Support Scheme is based on the principle that students should provide a complete budget for their travel, registration and accommodation, attempt to obtain partial funding from other sources and request the gap between what they can obtain elsewhere and the total amount that they need from the ANZIAM Student Support Scheme.

3 Budget and Operation of the Scheme

The ANZIAM Executive will allocate a budget to the scheme each year.

A panel of three ANZIAM members shall be constituted to make decisions on the applications. The panel will have discretion to make decisions on each application, taking into account the individual circumstances of the students involved. Overall the panel will be responsible for treating applications fairly according to the principles of the scheme and spreading the budget out equitably over each of the eligible conferences.

Applications should be made on the attached form. The committee will set a deadline for applications for each of the eligible conferences, which will normally be 8 weeks before the conference. It will also have the discretion to consider applications outside of this timetable if it believes that there is justification. However, applications not submitted by the deadline will be given lower preference.

The full cost of the travel, registration, airfares, transfer fares, accommodation and conference dinner should be itemized in the application.

Details of support obtained, or applied for, from other sources (or an explanation as to why there are none) should also be given, together with the amount that the student is requesting from this scheme. A student can only request up to 40 per cent of total cost from the ANZIAM Student Support Scheme.

4 Application Procedure

Download and complete the following form: 

and email to Chair of the Student Support Committee (



You must submit your abstract to both the online conference website as well as including it on the SSS form.

The deadline is 8 weeks before the conference, unless stated otherwise. Applications not submitted by the deadline will be given lower preference.

Updated: 05 Feb 2023