Sixth MCS

The full proceedings for the papers listed below is available here.

  1. Ray Stefani (invited lecture) - The fundamental nature of differential male/female world and Olympic winning performances, sports and rating systems
  2. Graham Pollard and Ken Noble - The characteristics of some new scoring systems in tennis
  3. Tony Lewis and Frank Duckworth - Review of the application of the Duckworth/Lewis method of target resetting in one-day cricket
  4. Paul Allsopp and Stephen Clarke - Factors affecting outcomes in test-match cricket
  5. Tim Swartz and Robin Insley - Studying the bankroll in sports gambling
  6. Maurice Brearley and Neville de Mestre - How do lawn bowls and golf balls slow down on grass?
  7. Stephen Clarke and Pam Norton - Collecting statistics at the Australian Open Tennis Championship
  8. Hugh Morton - Team ratings and home advantage in SANZAR rugby union 2000-2001
  9. Pam Norton and Stephen Clarke - Serving up some grand slam tennis statistics
  10. Katherine Hogarth, M.Yeardon and Dave Stump - Analysis of a twisting dive
  11. Michell de Lara - Scuba diving (abstract)
  12. Stephen Gray and Ahn Le (invited lecture) - How to fix a one-day international cricket match
  13. Graham McMahon and Neville de Mestre - Tennis serving strategies
  14. John Croucher - Analyzing scores in English premier league soccer
  15. David Panton, Kylie Bryant and Jan Schreuder - Optimisation tools for round-robin and partial round-robin sporting fixtures
  16. Michael Bailey and Stephen Clarke - Predicting the Brownlow medal winner
  17. Emil Muresan, Jelle Geerits and Bart De Moor - Soccer: From match taping to analysis
  18. Emil Muresan, Jelle Geerits and Bart De Moor - Video analysis in sports: Video-coach
  19. Graeme Cohen, Shawn Clowes and Ljiljana Tomljanovic - Dynamic evaluation of conditional probabilities of winning a tennis match
  20. Graham Pollard - The effect of a variation to the assumption that the probability of winning a point in tennis is constant
  21. Tony Lewis and Frank Duckworth - Can the probability of winning a one-day cricket match be maintained across a stoppage?
  22. Graeme Cohen (invited lecture) - Cricketing chances
  23. Chris Harman - A biomechanical power model for world-class 400 metre running
  24. Graham Pollard and Ken Noble - A solution to the unfairness of the tiebreak game when used in tennis doubles
  25. George Christos and Jamie Simpson - Fixing the fixtures with genetic algorithms
  26. Tristan Barnett and Stephen Clarke - Using Microsoft Excel to model a tennis match
  27. Elliot Tonkes - Dartboard arrangements with a concave penalty function

Updated: 02 May 2016