ANZIAM Annual Conference 2021 (Virtual)


Q: What format should the graphical abstracts take? Classical poster? Minipaper? Infographic?

A: The format is completely up to you. As a graphical abstract the aim is to advertise and introduce your talk for other attendees deciding on which talk they would like to see. However, the graphical abstracts will remain in the foyer shortly after the talks and they are therefore also a good place to congregate after the talks for further discussions. In the latter case, the graphical abstracts could be used like a classical poster, with some key equations and figures to help facilitate post-talk discussions.

Q: If I miss the deadline for cooking kits (18th December) can I still join the cooking workshops?

A: Absolutely, you have until the 15th of January to register for the cooking workshops even if you missed the deadline to have a kit sent to you by us from Melbourne, Australia. In this case, you should source the ingredients (or substitute ingredients locally). Please see the cooking workshop page for a list of ingredients and suggested substitutions.

Q: If I am from overseas, can I still attend the social events?

A: Yes, you can. You should give some care with respect to your timezone however. The cooking classes will take place mostly during the late afternoon or evenings AEDT to suit most Australian and New Zealand time zones. Whilst this may be fine for a morning cook for European time zones, US attendees might find this a challenging time. That being said, if there are enough US attendees wishing to have a cooking class, we will seek a morning session for those interested (or contact you if this is not possible). We will not allocate you to an inappropriate time without first contacting you. The post-medal event will be live and take place in the evening on Thursday 4th of January in ADST. The WiM and Allies events will take place during the day time in Australia and New Zealand. The student night will take place in the evening ADST whilst the chess tournament will be at a time that suits the players that have to play at each stage and is quite flexible.

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Updated: 02 Dec 2020