Second MCS

The full proceedings for the papers listed below is available here.

  1. M. Hubbard - Simulating sensitive dynamic control of a bobsled
  2. R Hugh Morton - The relationship between power demand and endurance time
  3. Geoffrey Paull and Ian Case - Ecological validity in sports research through video simulation
  4. W.H. Cogill - The mathematics of bicycling
  5. Stephen R. Clarke - An adjustive rating system for tennis and squash players
  6. Rodney Barrett and Robert Neal - A method for determining sand-running efficiency
  7. D.H. Lamble and A.K. Easton - The dynamics of the lawn bowl revisited
  8. Maurice n. Brearley - Driving a ball with a golf club
  9. Stephen R. Clarke - Variability of scores and consistency in sport
  10. Pam Norton Softball statistics
  11. S. Ganesalingam, K. Kumar and S. Ganeshanandam - A statistical look at cricket data
  12. R.O. Weber and N.J. de Mestre - Finals draws
  13. Richard Monypenny - Survey of useful systems references
  14. Deborah Hoare - Sport Search - a sports counselling program for students
  15. Maurice N. Brearley - Driving a ball with a golf club
  16. John Scott and Neville de Mestre - Direct golf putting dynamics and strategies
  17. John Baker - Towards a preferred golf swing and its application to teaching golf
  18. Heather J. Whitford - Golf scores, exploratory data analysis and the poisson model
  19. Anthony K. Whitford - The Australian golf handicapping system
  20. Ian Collings and Neville de Mestre - Low-angle golf trajectories

Updated: 02 May 2016