New Zealand Branch of ANZIAM Incorporated

NZ Branch of ANZIAM Inc. Rules

NZ Branch of ANZIAM Inc. — Rules

Executive Members

Prof Hinke Osinga
Dr Catherine Hassell Sweatman
Dr Rachelle Binny
Dr Brendan Harding

Dr Nicolette Rattenbury

Dr Stephen Taylor

Dr Richard Brown


New members are welcome. Membership is via the NZ Mathematical Society, please select the ANZIAM option on the membership form.

The subscription rate for ordinary members is $16 per annum. Subscription is free for full-time students in their first year of membership and half the ordinary members' rate thereafter.

Aims of the New Zealand Branch

To promote Applied and Industrial Mathematics in New Zealand.

AANZIAM-NZ Policy on Conferences

The New Zealand Branch of ANZIAM Inc. strives to improve representation of women at conferences and in its organisation. Therefore, in line with the NZMS Policy on Conferences, we will no longer fund or advertise conferences where the proportion of female keynote speakers is below 30% (see for details on how this should be calculated). While The New Zealand Branch of ANZIAM Inc. strongly encourages conference organisers to seek better gender diversity, we recognise that organisers of Mathematics-in-Industry initiatives have little or no control over gender diversity at their events; for this reason, The New Zealand Branch of ANZIAM Inc. will continue to make an exception when advertising MINZ and related workshops, while still striving to adhere to the gender balance policies where possible.

Student Travel Support

Travel support is available for student members of the New Zealand Branch of ANZIAM Inc. to attend conferences, meetings and workshops. The deadline for applications for support to attend the Annual ANZIAM Conference is 15 December.

The deadline for applications for support to attend the Maths in Industry New Zealand Study Group is 15 May. Priority will be given to applicants with a longstanding membership of ANZIAM, an involvement in ANZIAM activities, students who have not yet had an award from ANZIAM-NZ and/or those attending ANZIAM-related events, such as the Annual ANZIAM Conference or MINZ.

To apply for student travel support, please download the student travel application form and and email your completed application to the Secretary, as single PDF document.

Support for Workshops and Meetings

The Branch provides small grants to assist with funding of workshops and meetings that further the aims of the Branch.

To apply, please download the workshop & meeting application form and email your completed application to the Secretary, as single PDF document. Applications should indicate what actions the event organisers will take to foster equity and diversity at the event and within the ANZIAM community. Note that all supported events are expected to implement a Code of Conduct. The ANZIAM 2019 conference Code of Conduct is available as a reference, and a New Zealand-specific resource for conference or event organisers is available here.

Caregiver Support Grants

The New Zealand Branch of ANZIAM Inc. acknowledges that caregiver responsibilities can present a significant barrier for students and academics attending conferences. Such barriers can have implications for equity and diversity within the ANZIAM community. The Branch offers caregiver support grants for applicants whose participation in the ANZIAM community is limited by caregiving responsibilities. Applications are welcome from people of any gender and at any career stage. To apply, please download the carer grant-in-aid application form and email your completed application to the Secretary, as a single PDF document.

Branch activities

Every year, the branch sponsors the ANZIAM speaker at the NZ Mathematical Society Colloquium.

Recent speakers were:

  • Dr Bronwyn Hajek, University of South Australia (2019)
  • Prof Edgar Knobloch, UC Berkeley (2018)
  • Dr Ana Amador, University of Buenos Aires (2017)
  • Prof Roy Kerr (2016)
  • Dr Claire Postlethwaite, University of Auckland (2015)
  • Prof. Rachel Kuske, University of British Columbia (2013)
  • A/Prof Ilze Ziedins, University of Auckland (2012)
  • Prof Graeme Wake, Massey University, Albany (2011)
  • Prof John Butcher, University of Auckland (2010)
  • Prof Kerry Landman, University of Melbourne (2009)
In the past several years the branch has sponsored the New Zealand Postgraduate Mathematics and Statistics Conference and the Wellington-Manawatu Applied Mathematics meeting. The branch promotes a poster session at the NZ Mathematical Society Colloquium and sponsors a prize for the best poster.

Previous winners were:

  • No posters were awarded due to COVID (2020-2022)
  • Mr Nelson Wong, the University of Auckland (2019)
  • Ms Valerie Jeong, the University of Auckland (2018)
  • Mr Jesse Hart, the University of Auckland (2017)
  • Mr Saeed Farjami, the University of Auckland (2016)
  • Mr Andrus Giraldo, University of Auckland (2015)
  • Ms Andrea Babylon, Massey University (2014)
  • Ms Katie Sharp, the University of Auckland (2013)
  • Ms Catherine O'Byrne, the University of Auckland (2012)
  • Mr Laurence Palk, the University of Auckland (2011)
  • Dr Kate Patterson, the University of Auckland (2010)

The John Butcher Prize in Numerical Analysis

The John Butcher Prize in Numerical Analysis, administered by the New Zealand branch of ANZIAM, was established to recognise Professor John Butcher's long and productive career in numerical analysis, and in particular in the numerical solution of ordinary differential equations. John is well known in the international community for his contributions in this area.

In 1966, John was appointed Professor of Mathematics and Head of the Mathematics department at the University of Auckland. Apart from a period of ten years as inaugural Professor of the Computer Science department, he has been associated with the Auckland Mathematics department ever since.

In keeping with John's consistent encouragement of students, the prize is for the best student talk at SciCADE (, considering both the academic merit of the content and the presentation itself.

The previous winners are:

  • 2019 Giacomo Rosilho de Souza (EPFL)
  • 2017 Tim Jax (Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg)
  • 2015 David Hipp (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
  • 2013 Yuto Miyatake (Tokyo)
  • 2011 Mohammad Shakourifar (Toronto)
  • 2009 Ludwig Gauckler (Tübingen)
  • 2007 Thomas Schmelzer (Oxford), Anders Hansen (Cambridge)
  • 2005 Tatiana Márquez Lago (University of New Mexico at Albuquerque)

Updated: 11 Mar 2024