Executive Committee

The following committee will hold office from ANZIAM 2024 to ANZIAM 2025.

Office Bearers

  • Chair:              Matthew Simpson (Qld)
  • Deputy Chair:   Natalie Thamwattana (NSW)      
  • Secretary:        Simon Clarke (Vic)
  • Treasurer:        Michael Lydeamore (Vic)

Chair of Special Interest Groups

  • CMG:               Linda Stals (ACT)
  • EMG:               TBA
  • MBSIG:            Stuart Johnston (Vic)
  • MathSport:      Anthony Bedford (QLD)
  • MISG:              Mark Flegg (Vic)
  • SigmaOpt:        Matthew Tam (Vic)

Elected/Co-opted Ordinary Members

  • ACT:                Simon Watt
  • NSW:               Christopher Lustri
  • NZ:                  Michael Plank
  • QLD:                Adrianne Jenner
  • SA:                  Judy Bunder
  • Tas:                 Madeleine Cockerill
  • Vic:                  Edward Hinton
  • WA:                 Enrico Valdenoci

 Co-opted/Invited Members

  • ICIAM:             Bernd Krauskopf (NZ) and Yvonne Stokes (SA)
  • ECR Rep:          Claire Miller (NZ)
  • Student Rep:    Georgia Weatherley (Qld)
  • Web Editor:     Jody McKerral (SA)

Ex-Officio Members

  • President, AustMS:           Jessica Purcell
  • Editor, ANZIAM Journal:    Andrew Bassom (Tas) 

ANZIAM Returning Officer

  • Melanie Roberts (QLD)

Appointment of Representatives

Representatives on the AustMS Steering Committee:

  • Prof. Natalie Thamwattana
  • Dr Simon Clarke

ANZIAM Student Support Scheme Committee 2023:

  • Prof. Mick Roberts (Chair)
  • Dr Frank de Hoog
  • A/Prof. Rowena Ball

AF Pillow Foundation Trustees 2024: 

  • Prof. Jane Pillow (Chair)
  • Prof. Scott McCue
  • Prof. Mary Myerscough
  • *TBA

Medal Selection Committees

ANZIAM Medal Committee 2024:

  • Em/Prof Phil Broadbridge (Chair)
  • Prof Nalini Joshi
  • Em/Prof Tony Roberts
  • Carlo Laing
  • Xiaoping Lu

EO Tuck Medal Committee 2024: 

  • Prof Mike Plank (Chair)
  • Prof Scott McCue
  • A/Prof Murk Bottema
  • Hinke Osinga
  • Mary Myerscough

JH Michell Medal Committee 2024: 

  • Prof Mark McGuinness (Chair)
  • Prof Ryan Loxton
  • Yvonne Stokes
  • Cecilia Gonzalez Tokman

Updated: 12 Apr 2024