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Unless otherwise noted ANZIAM-WA events are held at School of Maths and Stats, University of Western Australia

  • UWA campus map: to locate Maths on this look near the western —Fairway— edge of campus, around its junction with Edward Street, and not far from the Reid library.
  • A Perth map covering the environs of UWA is from google.

Unless otherwise noted, ANZIAM-WA events are held on Tuesday evenings (and avoiding the 2nd Tuesday of the month when the Stats Society needs the same venues as ANZIAM).

More recent information and announcements may be available here.


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For campus maps appropriate to any ANZIAM-WA seminar you may be attending, please consult the main university pages from the departmental/school pages below.

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Perth Undergraduates (with HD results in Maths at end 2nd year or end 3rd year) who might wish to join a team to enter the international "Mathematical Contest in Modeling" next Feb, should contact

The Oct 2003 issue of UWA Undergrad Maths magazine "AfterMath" contains this preliminary announcement.
Various East Australian universities also participate, e.g. UNSW.

Training meetings (probably at Curtin Uni, but, at this stage unknown as it would depend on who volunteers) would be required through January.

Past Years' Events

Past events of the ANZIAM WA Branch are avaiailable here.

Updated: 14 Oct 2015