• Adopted at the Inaugural Meeting, Barossa Valley, February 1975;
  • altered by Special Postal Ballot, 30 September 1975 (Clauses 8 and 10)
  • altered by Special Postal Ballot, October 1982 (Clause 22)
  • altered by Special Postal Ballot, December 1987 (Clauses 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17 and 18)
  • altered by Special Postal Ballot, May and November 1991 (Clauses 4, 8 and 30)
  • altered by Special Postal Ballot, April 1993 (Clause 1).)
  • altered by Special Postal Ballot, May 1999 (Clauses 8(b), 10).)
  • altered by Special Postal Ballot, May 2000 (Clauses 8(a))
  • New Constitution accepted by Special Postal Ballot, November 2010-January 2011 (see Ballot cover letter).



  • 1. ANZIAM (Australian and New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics) is a Division of the Australian Mathematical Society. In the sequel it will be referred to as ANZIAM.
  • 2. The objects of ANZIAM shall be :
    • (a) The promotion and extension of industrial and applied mathematics;
    • (b) The promotion and extension of mathematics wherever appropriate; and in particular the interaction between mathematicians and workers in fields where mathematics is relevant;
    • (c) the promotion and extension of the widest possible exchange of ideas and information concerning industrial and applied mathematics.
  • 3. In furtherance of the above objects, ANZIAM may:
    • (a) hold or participate in the holding of conferences, meetings, seminars, debates, lectures or other events;
    • (b) encourage research and investigation into industrial and applied mathematics by the award of grants, prizes or scholarships, by the giving of donations, by the collection, collation, publication or distribution of information of service or interest to Members, or by any other means, including the publication of journals;
    • (c) encourage mathematical education, and foster and stimulate the extension and development and application thereof, by any appropriate means;
    • (d) sponsor joint activities with other bodies concerned with fields where mathematics is relevant;
    • (e) sponsor joint activities with other mathematicians;
    • (f) become a member of an international body which is substantially devoted to the same objectives as ANZIAM.
  • 4. ANZIAM members are members of either the Australian Mathematical Society or the New Zealand Mathematical Society who pay the annual ANZIAM fee, the amount thereof being fixed from time to time by the Council of the Australian Mathematical Society, or are exempted by Council from paying the fee.


  • 5.
    • (a) With the approval of the Executive Committee of ANZIAM, regional Branches may be formed of Members of ANZIAM and such other persons as may be approved by the Rules of the Branch. Each such regional Branch shall adopt a set of rules of procedure which shall be approved by the Executive Committee of ANZIAM, and communicated to the Society. The rules of procedure shall include provision for the election of a Convener and a Secretary, and such other Officers as are considered necessary.
    • (b) With the approval of the Executive Committee of ANZIAM, specialist Groups of Members of ANZIAM may be formed. The rules of procedure for such specialist Groups shall be laid down by the Executive Committee.
  • 6. Each regional Branch and Specialist Group may conduct activities in furtherance of the objects of ANZIAM, as detailed in Paragraph 3.


  • 7. The Officers of ANZIAM shall be a Chair, a Deputy Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer.
  • 8. The Executive Committee of ANZIAM shall consist of the Officers mentioned in 7, the Chairs of the specialist Groups of ANZIAM, up to eight further elected Regional Members, one for each of the ANZIAM regions, and, up to three co-opted Members. The President of the Australian Mathematical Society, or the President's nominee, and the Editor of the ANZIAM Journal, shall be ex officio members of the Executive Committee.
  • 9. Members not normally resident in Australia or New Zealand shall only sit on the Executive Committee as co-opted Members.
  • 10. In the circumstance of joint Editors of the ANZIAM Journal being appointed, only one of the joint Editors shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee. The Chair of ANZIAM shall nominate the ex-officio member.
  • 11. A person shall not hold the office of Chair for more than two consecutive sessions of ANZIAM. A person shall not hold the office of Deputy Chair for more than two consecutive sessions of ANZIAM. No person shall be an elected member of the Executive Committee for more than two consecutive sessions unless holding an office during that period.
  • 12. The eight ANZIAM regions are the States of the Commonwealth of Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, and New Zealand. The ANZIAM region of South Australia shall include the Northern Territory. Members shall normally be resident in the region that they represent.
  • 13. The business of ANZIAM shall be managed wholly by the Executive Committee subject only to such limitations or directions as may be expressed in this Constitution or by Resolutions passed from time to time by a Special Ballot of ANZIAM.
  • 14. The Chair shall preside at all General Meetings of ANZIAM and at all meetings of the Executive Committee. In the absence of the Chair from a General Meeting or from a meeting of the Executive Committee of ANZIAM the Deputy Chair shall preside. In the absence of both the Chair and the Deputy Chair the meeting shall elect an acting Chair. The occupant of the Chair at a General Meeting or at a meeting of the Executive Committee shall have a deliberative and casting vote.
  • 15. At meetings of ANZIAM other than General Meetings or meetings of the Executive Committee the Chair shall either preside or delegate this responsibility.
  • 16. The Secretary shall keep the Minutes of the meetings of ANZIAM and Executive Committee, shall be responsible for the conduct of Ballots, and shall do all things for the use and service of ANZIAM as appertain to the office of Secretary.
  • 17. The Treasurer shall collect and receive all funds on account of ANZIAM and shall deposit the same in an ANZIAM Banking Account. Payments from this account shall be made by cheque or an electronic financial transaction, approved by the Treasurer and by one of two other ANZIAM Members, appointed by the Executive Committee from time to time for that purpose. Cheques will be countersigned while electronic transfers will be approved by email or other accepted electronic means.
  • 18. The Treasurer shall have custody of all hard copy and electronic documents that relate to the financial affairs of ANZIAM and shall keep true accounts of the sums of money received and expended by ANZIAM and the matters in respect of which such receipt and expenditure take place, and of the capital and other funds of ANZIAM. Each year the Treasurer shall prepare a Balance Sheet for the year ended on the thirtieth day of June of that year. The Treasurer's accounts and Balance Sheet shall be examined annually by the Auditors.
  • 19. All members of the Executive Committee shall act in an honorary capacity.
  • 20. The Executive Committee shall meet at such times and places as may be decided from time to time by the Executive Committee or deemed necessary by the Chair, but shall meet at least once during a Session. At least twenty one days notice of any meeting shall be sent to the Members of the Executive Committee.
  • 21. An Executive Committee Member unable to be present at a meeting of the Executive Committee may be represented by proxy. A proxy holder may be any Member of ANZIAM, who shall have a voting power with respect to proxies equal to the number of proxies held. Such proxies shall be in writing, or by email, and shall be in the hands of the Secretary before the Executive Committee meeting for which they are in force.
  • 22. A special meeting of the Executive Committee shall be called if requested by not fewer than four Executive Committee Members. Not less than twenty one days notice of this special meeting shall be given to all Committee Members specifying the motions to be brought forward. The business at such a meeting shall be confined to such motions. A quorum at all meetings of the Executive Committee shall be six members.


  • 23. There shall be in each calendar year an Annual Conference of ANZIAM. During each Annual Conference a General Meeting of ANZIAM shall be held.
  • 24. The period from the termination of one General Meeting to the termination of the next General Meeting shall be called a Session of ANZIAM; in relation to all periods of holding office the term "Session" shall be interpreted in this sense.
  • 25. At a General Meeting the time and place of the next Annual Conference shall be confirmed and the time and place of the Annual Conference next thereafter shall be determined.
  • 26. The organisation of an Annual Conference shall be the responsibility of an Organising Committee in the place at which the meeting is to be held, under the general instructions of the Executive Committee. In cases where a Branch exists in the region where the Annual Conference is to be held, the Branch Committee shall appoint an Organising Committee for the conference. In other cases the Executive Committee shall appoint a Convener who shall form the Organising Committee after consultation with the Executive Committee.
  • 27. The business of a General Meeting shall include:
    • (a) the Executive Committee's report on ANZIAM's activities during the Session;
    • (b) the Treasurer's and Auditors' reports;
    • (c) the appointment of an external Auditor for the following Session;
    • (d) the appointment of a Returning Officer for the following Session.
  • 28. The newly elected Officers and Executive Committee shall take office at the conclusion of the General Meeting.
  • 29. Every question submitted to a General Meeting of ANZIAM shall be decided by a show of hands, except that on the request of no fewer than twenty Members a question may be decided by Secret Ballot.


  • 30. The Returning Officer in each Session shall be responsible for the conduct of ANZIAM ballots and elections. The protocol for the operation of all ANZIAM ballots and elections shall be approved by the Executive Committee. The protocol will describe how voting papers can be sent and received. The protocol will allow postal voting, together with electronic method(s). The unintentional omission to give notice to any Member, or the non-receipt by any Member of any notice or ballot paper, shall not invalidate the result of any ballot or election.
  • 31. Whenever the Executive Committee deems it necessary, a Special Ballot, shall be held.
  • 32. The Executive Committee, upon receiving a written, or emailed, request, addressed to the Secretary, to hold a Special Ballot, shall be bound to accede to such request, provided that it is made by at least ten Members and also that it states the object for which the Ballot is desired.
  • 33. Any motion submitted to a Special Ballot shall require for its passing a majority of two thirds of the votes cast.
  • 34. Notice of the call for nominations for Officers and Regional Members of the Executive Committee shall be given at least sixty days before the date set for the next General Meeting.
  • 35. Nominations for any or all of the Offices and Seats to be filled may be made by any two Members who are entitled to vote at the ensuing election, provided that the persons nominated are entitled to vote at the ensuing election and that the nominations are received by the Returning Officer at least forty days before the next General Meeting.
  • 36. Nominations must be consistent with paragraph 11 and 12, they must be made with the consent of the nominee, and no Member shall accept nomination for more than one Office or Seat.
  • 37. In the event of more persons than necessary being nominated, the Returning Officer shall conduct a Ballot, which shall close at least five days before the day of the General Meeting.
  • 38. The ballot paper shall be sent by the Returning Officer to each member at least thirty days before the ballot closes. Valid ballot papers must bear the name of the voter and be received prior to the closing of the ballot.
  • 39. Each Member who is entitled to vote shall have just one vote in respect of each Office and each Seat to be filled.
  • 40. The Member who receives the highest number of votes for each single Office and Seat shall be declared elected.
  • 41. The Returning Officer shall declare the result of the Ballot at the General Meeting.
  • 42. In any case where a decision is lacking owing to an equality in numbers of votes, the General Meeting shall decide between the candidates concerned.
  • 43. In any case where an Office or Seat is unfilled at the time of the declaration of the Ballot, the General Meeting shall elect by Secret Ballot an ANZIAM Member to the Office or Seat concerned.
  • 44. If a casual vacancy should occur during the Session among the members of the Executive Committee, then it shall be filled by a simple majority vote of that Committee.


  • 45. Any question concerning an alteration of this Constitution or of the management of ANZIAM shall be decided by a Special Ballot and shall not be decided at a General Meeting of ANZIAM or an ordinary Meeting of a regional Branch.

Updated: 15 Mar 2011