ANZIAM Annual Conference 2021 (Virtual)

Pre-uploaded content (deadline January 8th 2021)

We will be taking the opportunity of a virtual meeting to engage as much as possible using technology. To encourage casual discussion about research outside of the live presentations, you will have the opportunity to submit a graphical abstract and a pre-recorded version of your talk. These will be used in conjunction with your live talk to engage outside of your talk with attendees, to help them decide which talks to attend and also to reach attendees from a distribution of time zones.

All graphical abstracts and pre-recorded talks must be submitted by January 8th 2021 (11:59pm AEDT) to allow us time to integrate them into the virtual conference platform. Content not received by this deadline risks not being included in the conference.

Further information abut the graphical abstracts and pre-recorded talks are given below. If you have logistical queries regarding the uploading of content you can direct them to the Virtual Chair team at

Graphical abstracts

The graphical abstracts form an announcement for your talk combined with a short poster description. Before your scheduled live talk, the graphical abstract will be displayed in the virtual foyer to help delegates decide which talks to attend and after the talks the graphical abstracts are a good place to meet to carry on further informal discussions that might arise during question time.

How will the graphical abstracts work within the virtual venue?

Graphical abstracts are interactive objects in the virtual conference centre. At a distance, you see a small preview of the abstract. When standing next to it, the poster can be opened up using the interaction button ("x" on your keyboard) to see a full sized version on the screen. When the poster is expanded, you will lose sight of your own video feed but still be able to see those that are standing on the rug with you. There will also be a directory of graphical abstracts so that you can get a summary of the upcoming talks at a glance.

Format for graphical abstracts

When you submit your graphical abstracts to be uploaded, please keep the following in mind

  • Make sure the PDF you're submitting is a single page.
  • While it can be any dimension, a 16:9 or 4:3 ratio graphical abstract will display all at once while a vertical graphical abstract will require scrolling up and down to see all the information.
  • We will automatically create a title slide for your graphical abstract including Title and Name, so please make sure you fill these out on the form correctly.
  • If you choose not to submit a graphical abstract at all, this is ok, a default abstract will be posted in its place based on the text abstract that you submit through the normal registration process.
  • The software that you might use to generate a graphical abstract is a matter of personal preference but you may wish to use the same software that you use to generate slides for your talk.

poster view 2

Pre-recorded talks

When you register for a talk at ANZIAM2021, you will be given a 15 minute talk which will be delivered live during our formal operating hours (as you might expect of most conferences). As the timing of our formal operating hours (day time for Australia and New Zealand) will not suit everyone from around the world who may be joining our conference, the organisers will take care to ensure that your personal timezone is carefully considered when scheduling your talk. As this time might not be suitable for everyone, we plan to show the pre-recorded version of your talk (if you choose to provide one) at the opposing end of the day to the time that you are allocated (a time which will reach a different audience than that which can attend your live talk). The recordings will play in "watch parties" which will work like normal seminars except that the speaker will be a recording. You are more than welcome to attend your own pre-recorded lecture. There will be space for you to field questions or comment live over the top of your recording if you wish within the venue. Please note that a pre-recorded talk is not intended to be a substitute for a live talk.

The pre-recorded option is likely to be appealing to overseas attendees who will likely have talks scheduled at the extremes of the day or for those wishing to get a little more exposure for their talks.

To pre-record your talk, you may choose any recording software that you like. If you are not fluent with video recording software you can usually record straight from video conferencing tools like Zoom and create a good video with a shared screen.

Just like your live talk, the pre-recorded talk should be 15 minutes long and will be truncated if it is over 18 minutes so that we can fit all the talks in. It should be in the .MOV or .MP4 formats and for best viewing results have an aspect ratio of 16x9.

talk view 1 talk view 2

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