The JH Michell Medal

In honour of of John Henry Michell, ANZIAM, a Division of the Australian Mathematical Society, has instituted an award for outstanding new researchers. At most one award will be made annually, but only to a candidate of sufficient merit. No person can receive more than one such award. The selection criteria for the award are:

  1. The researcher must have carried out distinguished research in applied and/or industrial mathematics, where a significant proportion of the research work has been carried out in Australia and/or New Zealand; AND
  2. On 1 January in the year in which the AWARD is made, the recipient will be within the equivalent of the first ten years of their research-related career*, following the conferral of a PhD**; AND
  3. The researcher must have been a member of ANZIAM for at least the** three calendar years preceding the year in which the AWARD is made. Membership is considered to be current and continuous provided that membership dues are paid within or before the calendar year in which they are due.


* Allowing for significant interruptions to research development, for example, parental duties, illness, career change.
** Any exceptional circumstances should be forwarded to the Selection Committee to assess eligibility.

Past Winners


Nominations for the AWARD can be made by any member of ANZIAM other than the nominee. A nomination should consist of a brief C.V. of the nominee together with the nominee's list of publications and no more than a one page resumé of the significance of the nominee's work.

Details regarding submission of nominations for the 2023 JH Michell Medal will be provided soon.

Updated: 21 Feb 2022