The 2018 EO Tuck Medal

Professor Yvonne Stokes, from The University of Adelaide, is an exceptionally gifted applied mathematician who has made fundamental contributions to industrial and applied mathematics.

2018 EO Tuck Medal
Peter Taylor and Yvonne Stokes (Photo Credit: Mark McGuinness)

Yvonne’s research is focussed on two main areas: viscous fluid mechanics and mathematical biology. The former topic has been the subject of her work since her PhD, which she received in April 1999. Her collaboration with the Institute of Photonics and Advanced Sensing on the modelling of the fabrication of micro-structured optical fibres has been truly world-leading. This is evidenced by a US Patent together with a series of papers of stunning originality. Yvonne has developed a strong research record in suspension flows, focusing on curved geometries. Simultaneously she has applied her considerable abilities to various biological problems including the simulation of the growth of plant roots and the calcium signalling and travelling wave response to oocyte fertilisation.

Over the years, Yvonne has written a number of high-impact papers in highly-regarded journals such as the Journal of Fluid Mechanics and Physics of Fluids. Her work is well-cited. She has been very successful in obtaining Category 1 funding, having been awarded two ARC Discovery grants as lead Chief Investigator, two Linkage projects and a Future Fellowship, which runs through to 2020. Yvonne has developed and consolidated fruitful international collaborations with world-renowned researchers, such as Professor Andrea Bertozzi and Professor Darren Crowdy, which have become a central pillar in her research portfolio. She has been especially productive in the last five years with about twenty papers in top quality journals while supervising five PhD students, four of whom have already completed. In addition in 2007 she was awarded the J.H. Michell Medal.

Yvonne has built up an outstanding service record both within her home university and the wider mathematical community.

In December 2016, she was elected Chair of the Women in Mathematical Sciences Special Interest Group (WIMSIG) of the Australian Mathematical Society, a position she took up early in 2017. This leadership role builds on a long record of outstanding leadership in the promotion of women in mathematics at high school level: highlighting of STEM opportunities for women, promoting the Marta Sved scholarship, organising of the annual Women and Mathematics workshop to promote the study of university mathematics to students in Year 12, and initiating the South Australian GEM (Girls Enjoy Maths) day under the auspices of AMSI and BHP Billiton.

In addition, Yvonne is an exceptional mentor to young mathematicians, as evidenced by the careers of former students.

Yvonne has also demonstrated exemplary service to applied and industrial mathematics. She has been a member of the Australian Academy of Sciences National Committee for Mechanical Sciences since 2012. Over 2005-2006 and 2014-2015 she served on the Executive Committee of ANZIAM and from 2015-2017 was a member of the selection committee for the J.H. Michell medal including one period as Chair. She was the Director of the ANZIAM conference held in February 2017 in Hahndorf that was a highly successful and enjoyable event. She also has been very active in the South Australian branch of ANZIAM.

In other service achievements, Yvonne has been a moderator at three Mathematics in Industry Study Groups, as well as being a valued participant over many years. Yvonne taught an extensional flows subject at the AMSI summer school at Monash in 2018.

To summarise, Yvonne is an outstanding applied mathematician known for the very high quality of her research and service. She has been recognised by the award of the Future Fellowship, her numerous grants and a steady stream of PhD graduates. She possesses an exceptional service record, including substantial work for ANZIAM and AustMS.

The selection panel unanimously recommends that Professor Yvonne Stokes be awarded the ANZIAM E.O. Tuck Medal for 2018.

On behalf of ANZIAM:
Shaun Hendy (University of Auckland)
Kerry Landman (University of Melbourne)
Peter Taylor (University of Melbourne)

Updated: 16 Feb 2018