The 1999 ANZIAM Medal

The Selection Panel for the 1999 ANZIAM Medal proposes that the Medal be awarded to Professor ERNEST OLIVER TUCK


Ernest Tuck was born in Adelaide, South Australia on June 1st 1939.

At the University of Adelaide he graduated in 1958 with the ordinary B Sc Degree, and in 1960 with the Honours B Sc Degree with First Class Honours in Mathematics.

In 1964 he obtained his Ph D degree at Cambridge University, England.

His major distinctions include:

  • the award of the Sir John Gellibrand Scholarship in 1959,
  • his election as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science in 1988,
  • the award of the George Weinblum Lectureship in 1990,
  • his election in 1995 as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering,
  • and the award of the Australian Academy of Science of the 1999 Thomas Ranken Lyle Medal.

He has held academic positions at:

  • Manchester University, England,
  • at the David Taylor Model Basin and the California Institute of Technology in the USA,
  • and since 1968 at the University of Adelaide, where he is currently Elder Professor of Applied Mathematics.

At Adelaide he has been Chair of the Department of Applied Mathematics for several periods, and has served as Dean of the Faculty of Mathematical and Computer Sciences.

Tuck has a national and international reputation for his research in Applied Mathematics.

He has published over 150 papers covering a wide range of topics in:

  • ship hydrodynamics,
  • aerodynamics,
  • hydraulics,
  • bio-fluid dynamics,
  • and games theory.

His work is distinguished by its originality and flair, at times its basic simplicity, its computational excellence, and its successful application to real problems.

He has worked with:

  • the US and Australian Navy Departments,
  • the Shell Oil Company,
  • and the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation.

As a stimulating and gifted lecturer and supervisor, he has greatly influenced a large number of students and colleagues and has particularly helped to promote Applied Mathematics in Adelaide and throughout Australia.

He has supervised 30 postgraduate students, many of whom have already established successful careers in Australia and overseas.

Ernest Tuck has made a major and unique contribution to the activities of ANZIAM.

  • In 1984 he was appointed Editor of Series B (Applied Mathematics) of the Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society.
  • On relinquishing the Editorship in 1992, he established a Unit TeXAdel responsible for producing from accepted manuscripts, camera-ready copy for the printing of the AMS journals.
  • He has actively supported ANZIAM conferences, attended most, and he and his students have given many presentations.
  • He has served on the ANZIAM committee for several years and he has recently completed a two-year term as Chair.

In summary, Ernie Tuck has given outstanding service to the profession of Applied Mathematics through his academic teaching, research and administration and his interaction with end-users.

He is a long-term member of ANZIAM, has served as a committee member and Chair, and has been very active in the organisation of and participation in the annual conferences.

His contribution to ANZIAM activities has been unsurpassed.

Updated: 11 Jan 2008