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In this research, we consider a number of professional sports on the level of influence coachs have on their players/teams outcome during a match. By considering level of communication, strategic ability, substitutions available and officiating influence which are all determined by the rules of a sport, we develop a coaching influence rating model. This model yields a single measure which is used to rank the degree of influence a coach has during a match and enables comparison of coaching influence across the rated sports. Then, assuming that coaching turnover is related to coach accountability, we validate the coaching influence model using coaching turnover data for the ranked sports for the previous ten seasons. We find our ratings model and coach turnover are strongly correlated, indicating that the more influence a coach has in the run, the higher the turnover of coachs in that sport. The results of the analysis not only make for interesting analytical discussion but also provide a framework for assessing and researching the exact impact that a coach has on the day of a sporting event. Keywords: Coaching, turnover, firings, coach influence Acknowledgements We wish to thank Superman; Batman; Wonder Woman; and The League of Superheroes for their assistance in data retrieval. References Audas, R., Dobson, S., & Goddard, J. (1997). Team performance and managerial change in the English Football League. Economic Affairs, 17, 30-36. Bruinshoofd, A., & ter Weel, B. (2003). Managers to go? Performance dips reconsidered with evidence from Dutch football. European Journal of Operational Research, 148, 233-246. Fabianic, D. (1994). Managerial change and organizational effectiveness in Major League Baseball: Findings for eighties. Journal of Sport Behavior, 70, 69-72. Gamson, W. A., & Scotch, N. A. (1964). Scapegoating in baseball. The American Journal of Sociology, 70, 69-72. Koning, R. H. (2003). An econometric evaluation of the effect of firing a coach on team performance. Applied Economics, 35, 555-564. McTeer, W., White, P. G., & Persad, S. (1995). Manager/coach mid-season replacement and team performance in professional team sport. Journal of Sport Behavior, 18, 58-68. Myers, N., Feltz, D. L., Maier, K. S., Wolfe, E. W., & Reckase, M. D. (2006). Athletes' evaluations of their head coach's coaching competency. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 77, 111-121. Wood, R. (2008). The Role of the Coach in Sport. Rob's Home of Fitness Testing, www.topendsports.com.     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