Special Interest Groups

ANZIAM supports several Specialist Interest Groups:

  • The Computational Mathematics Group holds the Computational Techniques and Applications Conference (CTAC) biennially. The Proceedings of the CTAC Conferences are published.
  • The Engineering Mathematics Group sponsors occasional one day meetings and a biennial conference, the proceedings of which are published.
  • Mathsport is concerned with applications of mathematics and computers in sport. It also holds biennial meetings.
  • The Mathematics in Industry Study Group holds the Mathematics in Industry Study Group Meeting, an annual one week get-together of applied and industrial mathematicians brainstorming on real industrial problems.
  • SIGMAOPT is the optimization special interest group of ANZIAM. The group consists of a forum for Australian and New Zealand optimization specialists to interact. SIGMAOPT holds annual meetings: the Optimization Annual Workshop.
  • The Mathematical Biology Group is concerned with biological applications of mathematics. The group holds an annual workshop at the end of the ANZIAM conference.



Updated: 06 Mar 2012