MISG - Rules

Rules of Procedure
(Adopted February 1997)

I. Introduction

1. The following rules are to be read in conjunction with the constitution of the Australian Mathematical Society and the constitution of the Division of the Australian Mathematical Society known as Australian and New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics, in the sequel to be referred to as ANZIAM.

II. Name, Objects and Composition of the Group

2. The Group shall be called “The Mathematics in Industry Study Group” hereinafter to be referred to as the Group.

3. The objects of the Group shall be to foster and promote the development and application of industrial mathematics through the Mathematics-in-Industry-Study-Group Meeting, hereinafter to be referred to as MISG.

4. MISG shall usually be run annually.

5. Membership of the Group shall be the same as the membership of ANZIAM as defined by the constitution of ANZIAM.

III. Officers and Reports

6. The Officers and Executive Committee of the Group shall be the same as those of ANZIAM.

7. The Executive Committee shall appoint the Director of each MISG. The appointment is to be contingent on approval by the Executive of an overall plan for the MISG specifying, in particular, the level of support that will be received from the Director’s institution and other sources.

8. The Director will provide the Executive Committee with a report on the activities of MISG.

IV. Amendment of Rules

9. A Special Postal Ballot of the membership shall decide any question concerning an alteration to this set of Rules of Procedure.

Updated: 26 Jan 2008