Mathematical Biology Group

Founded 1 February 2012


To foster and promote the development and application of mathematics in biology


Mathematical Biology Group - Rules


  • organise seminars, workshops and conferences on mathematics and biology;
  • organise small-group meetings on particular themes, related to mathematics and biology;
  • maintain a web resource page with information on the members and their interests and publish information on existing and prospective PhD/Honours projects and courses on mathematical biology;
  • conduct joint activities with other bodies concerned with fields where mathematics and biology are relevant;
  • encourage the interaction of users of mathematics in biological applications across academia, government and industry;
  • build and strengthen a sense of community within the researchers in the areas of mathematical biology in Australia and New Zealand.

Dissemination of information is through the MB SIG Google group:!forum/mbsig

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Mathematical Biology Group - Resources

A page with relevant resources, including a list of visitors being hosted in ANZ, conferences and journals relevant to mathematical biology.


Chair   Assoc. Prof. James McCaw  University of Melbourne
 Secretary  Assoc. Prof. Joshua Ross  University of Adelaide
 Treasurer  Dr Andrew Black  University of Adelaide
 Webmaster  Dr Roslyn Hickson  IBM Research
 Committee  Prof. Carlo Laing  Massey University
   Dr Ed Green  University of Adelaide
  Dr Deborah Cromer The Kirby Institute
  Mr Nicholas Gale University of Western Australia

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Updated: 19 May 2017