Executive Committee

The following committee will hold office until ANZIAM 2018.

  • Chair: Prof. Mary Myerscough (NSW)
  • Deputy Chair: Prof. M. McGuinness (NZ)
  • Secretary: Dr Julia Piantadosi (SA)
  • Treasurer: A/Prof. Peter Johnston (Qld)

Chairs of Specialist Groups:

Ordinary Members:

  • Dr Zlatko Jovanoski (ACT)
  • Prof. Song-Ping Zhu (NSW)
  • Prof. Hinke Osinga (NZ)
  • Dr Barbara Johnston (Qld)
  • A/Prof. Joshua Ross (SA)
  • Prof. Andrew Bassom (Tas)
  • Dr Sue Ann Chen (Vic)
  • Prof. Michael Small (WA)

Co-opted/Invited members:

  • Prof. Ian Sloan or Dr Mike Plank (ICIAM representative)
  • Ms Laura Karantgis (Student Representative)
  • Dr Roslyn Hickson (Webmaster)
  • Dr Hayden Tronnolone (Early Career Representative)

Ex-officio Members:

  • Prof. Kate Smith-Miles (President, AustMS)
  • Prof. Andrew Bassom, Prof. Graeme Hocking (Editors, ANZIAM Journal)

ANZIAM Returning Officer:

  • Dr Melanie Roberts (Vic)
  • Public Officer: TBA

    Appointment of Representatives

    Representatives on the AustMS Steering Committee:

    • Prof. Mary Myerscough
    • Dr Julia Piantadosi

    ANZIAM Student Support Scheme Committee:

    • Prof. Phil Howlett (SA) (Chair)
    • Dr Frank de Hoog (CSIRO)
    • Prof. Mick Roberts (NZ)

    AF Pillow Foundation Trustees

    • TBA

    Medal Selection Committees

    ANZIAM Medal Committee 2018:

    • Prof. Kerry Landman (Chair)
    • Prof. Robert McKibbin
    • Dr Frank de Hoog

    JH Michell Medal Committee 2018:

    • A/Prof. Mark Nelson (Chair)
    • A/Prof. Yvonne Stokes
    • Prof Scott McCue

    EO Tuck Medal Committee 2018:

    • Prof. Peter Taylor (Chair)
    • Prof. Kerry Landman
    • Prof. Shaun Hendy

Updated: 18 Apr 2017