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style='font-size:24.5pt;color:black;background:white'>Foods To Avoid On A Phen375 Diet

In addition to understanding which foods you should be eating on the Phen375 diet, itís also important that you understand which you should be avoiding as well.

Most people will already realize that you should be cutting out all the processed foods from your diet plan and Ďjunkí foods that people eat on a day to day basis, but donít realize there are additional foods they may be eating that also need to get cut out if theyíre going to make progress on their Phen375 approach.

Letís look at the main ones to know.

Dairy Products

In most Phen375 diets, you will find that dairy

products are eliminated or at least reduced. This includes cream cheese, milk, butter and sour cream. Donít think that if you are using organic dairy products this will be acceptable because youíll still be hindering the process of Phen375ification.

Not only do many people have slight to severe

intolerances to dairy rich foods, but these foods can also hinder the removal of toxic waste build-up in the body.

Omit them entirely for the time being.


Perhaps one of the largest reasons why you need to start doing a Phen375 approach in the first place is due to a high consumption of sugar in your diet. As such, sugar and any food that contains any form of sugar will be avoided on the Phen375 diet plans.

This includes sugar as well as corn syrup, dextrose, sucrose and brown sugar. In addition, artificial sweeteners are typically not allowed either.

Youíll find that after you do the Phen375 diet, your taste buds are desensitized and you will notice the natural sweetness many foods offer that much more easily.


Gluten products are commonly avoided. Gluten sensitivity is getting to be more common amongst many people today and most donít even realize they have it until they start removing all gluten containing diet pills from their diet plan.

By removing these foods yourself right now, you can see if gluten is an issue for you and the removal of it during this time will assist with the Phen375ification problem.


Products containing wheat, including pasta and bread, are also avoided as they are associated with the gluten sensitivity that was described above.

Itís imperative that you stay away from these if

you want to feel your best after this process is completed.


In most Phen375 diets you will find that coffee is

not recommended. This includes both regular as well as decaffeinated coffee.

Other foods that may be avoided in a Phen375 diet include chocolate, foods that are high in fat, foods that contain a lot of additives and preservatives, alcohol and yeast.

Proper elimination is essential to the success of any Phen375 diet. Regardless of which of the body systems you are trying to cleanse, your body must be able to eliminate the toxins. Elimination typically takes on the form of stool, urine and/or sweat. To help the process along you must make sure that you are getting plenty of fiber and water.

Fiber ensures that you have enough proper bowel movements while water ensures that your kidneys work properly to eliminate urine. If you do not get enough of both fiber and water not only will your Phen375 diet not be successful but you may also become dehydrated and experience constipation.

Keeping these points in mind will ensure the Phen375 is as effective as possible.

A Sample Phen375 Menu

Putting together a sample Phen375 diet can feel intimidating at times, but if you have some guidance, you shouldnít be able to have to many problems.

Before we show you a sample Adipex however, itís going to be essential that youíre making sure to get in plenty of essential vitamins and nutrients when you are Phen375ing. This is particularly important when doing a liver Phen375 diet as you will be taking in so few calories, so you need to make sure you arenít going to be at risk for severe nutritional deficiencies. The goal is to make sure that your liver is producing a sufficient amount of file to get rid of toxins that may be stored inside the body. Vitamins and nutrients can help accomplish this.

Not only should you be taking a good quality multivitamin when you are Phen375ing, but you also need to make sure that you are taking other supplements as well, such as Vitamin C.

Updated: 11 May 2013
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